LOT 718 - 40 x 36 COWS & CALVES FOR SALE

LOT 718 – 40 x 36 COWS & CALVES FOR SALE

2 Decks of Very Good Cows & Calves, the 4 Cows without Calves at foot are heavily springing and expected to calve out in the next few days, well before delivery.

The Cows are Brahman and Brahman Cross in very good condition and doing a cracking job on their calves. The ages of the cows are 16x#8 / 6yo, 12x#9 / 5yo,  8x#0 / 4yo,  2 x#6 / 8yo, 1x#2 / 2yo, 1 x without an age brand. They have not been depastured with bulls since prior to calving.

The calves are mostly by Red Brahman Bulls and are fresh to 4 months old in good sappy condition.

$1700 on farm north of Aramac in tick free area.