Wolston - Open, Freehold, Undulating Downs Grazing

Wolston – Open, Freehold, Undulating Downs Grazing



Wolston and Clifton reside in the Richmond Shire and are situated 90km South West of Richmond Via the Winton Road. There is approximately 50km of sealed bitumen road and 40km of unsealed black soil road. With a total area of 15,909 ha Freehold plus, approximately 1,000 ha of Stock Route available totals 41,780 ac usable. Wolston is 12,124 ha and Clifton is 3,785 ha. Mail is delivered twice weekly from Richmond, STD Telephone, Internet and Rural Power are all connected. The average annual rainfall is approximately 410mm.

Three flowing capped Great Artesian Basin bores are the main water for Wolston and Clifton. A new bore, the Gordon Bore, was drilled on Clifton in 2001. This bore is piped a small distance to a large turkey’s nest with a float valve. Two high pressure electric automatic pumps and one back up pump then pump the water from the turkey’s nest to a series of 27 strategically located cement troughs over the northern part of Wolston and Clifton. There are no tanks on this system, it is an excellent watering system and it has proved to be very reliable. A new bore, Wolston Bore, was drilled at the house in 2000. This bore provides water to the house and to 3 open flowing bore drains that water the southern end of Wolston. These bore drains are fairly maintenance free. Stock Route Bore, on the southern boundary of Wolston, is a Richmond Shire Council owned and maintained bore that supplies water to a dam for Wolston. It also supplies water for three other neighboring properties. There is also a 100 Megalitre Irrigation License on Wolston House Bore expiry 30/6/2111.

Wolston has a large, spacious four-bedroom weatherboard house with sleepout, office, kitchen with two walk in pantries, dining room, lounge room, two bathrooms, laundry and verandah. It is in fair condition and requires some minor repairs to the ceiling. There is also a cottage with two bedrooms, one bathroom with kitchen / dining room and verandah in good condition. All this is set amongst established lawn and shady trees. There is a five-bay steel machinery shed with cement floor and workshop and a four-bay wood and corrugated iron garage.

Wolston is at the top of the watershed of the northern and southern fall with very minimal flood fencing required. It is undulating and consists of mostly pebbly grey self-cracking clay soils. It is grassed with Barley Mitchell, Flinders, Summer and Button Grasses with smaller areas of Curley Mitchell and Bull Mitchell along the creek and also herbages when in season. There are patches of whitewood, lightly scattered prickly acacia, thicker around the dam and creek, Coolibah and Mesquite along the creek with Athol Pine along the bore drains.

There are steel and portable panel Cattle Yards with 1,000 head capacity, 5-way race draft, vet crush and calf branding cradle. There is also a shearing shed that has not been used for a long time but is still intact.

Good fencing subdivides the property into 8 paddocks, 9 holding paddocks and 2 laneways complement the low cost and efficient handling of cattle on Wolston. The fencing is all in good stockproof condition and consists of 3 and 4 barb, some older 5 plain wire with 1 barb, and, some netting with 1 barb. There are currently 1,000 head running on the property and room for another 1,000. The current owners usually run approximately 2,100 Adult Equivalents.

Wolston and Clifton are good quality downs grazing with remarkable water infrastructure in the northern part of the property and good reliable, low cost, water over the rest of the place. This country responds well in both good and light seasons and is currently carrying a good body of feed. It has everything you need with a solid homestead, cottage, sheds and cattle yards. The vendors are ready to sell to dissolve a partnership, I highly recommend your inspection.

• Price: $5,700,000 or $145 / ac Bare

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